Expert Insights: Surgeons’ Perspectives on Robotic Knee Replacement

The advancement in technology over the years has led to many improvements in various areas, including the field of medicine. Robot-assisted surgeries are transforming the landscape of medical procedures and healthcare for the better.

Knee replacement surgeryis a procedure to replace parts or all of the damaged knee joints for pain relief and to restore and improve movement. The use of robotic technology to provide assistance to surgeons when performing knee replacement surgeries has further enhanced the outcomes of the procedure for the satisfaction and well-being of patients. 

Curious about how robotic knee replacement works? Read on to find out! 

An Overview of Robotic Knee Replacement

Robotic knee replacement surgery refers to a medical procedure wherein the surgeon uses robotic technology for a successful knee replacement procedure. The damaged or worn-out joint of the knee is replaced with an artificial implant for regained mobility. 

Knee replacement surgery combines the expertise and vast medical knowledge of surgeons and specialists with the precision of robotic technology – the best of both worlds. It involves the use of advanced imaging and mapping of the patient’s damaged knee and the guidance of a robotic arm during the procedure for precise cuts and placements. 

It leads to improved accuracy and precision of the medical procedure with the help of robotic surgical assistance. The level of accuracy and precision gained through robot-assisted operations ensure the effects of the knee replacement last longer — between 15 and 25 years, the results being closer to 25 years. 

Robotic knee replacement surgery is an alternative to the traditional surgical methods for knee replacements, but it has certain limitations. The main difference is the assistance of robotic technology in the process of surgery, which has become possible thanks to innovation and advancements in technology.

The robotic knee replacement enhances joint functions and your ability to move. It improves the way the surgery is performed and allows surgeons better access to the damaged area to perform the treatment with guidance from the robotic arm. 

The Advantages of Robotic Knee Replacement

Traditional knee replacement surgeries have helped countless people get back on their feet and improve their quality of life. The introduction of the robotic knee replacement to treat pain and disability in the knee has taken the procedure to the next level with better precision. 

The following are the advantages of robotic knee replacements —

Minimally Invasive Procedure

A robot-assisted knee replacement surgery is a minimally invasive medical procedure. It is considered more accurate than traditional knee replacement surgeries, involving smaller incisions on the knee for the implant to be placed. 

This advanced technology leads to less tissue damage and scarring and minimizes the amount of post-operative pain experienced by the patient. It also means you can recover faster and get back to normal life after the completion of your surgery.   

Better Precision and Accuracy

The level of accuracy and precision involved in robotic knee replacement procedures is almost 100%. This far surpasses the accuracy levels that can be achieved through traditional procedures. The greatest advantage of robot-assisted surgeries is that they ensure that the implants are placed precisely for better treatment outcomes for patients. 

Sometimes, in the traditional surgical methods, the implants might not fit correctly. However, robotic technology allows surgeons to make bone cuts that are precise and effective for the placement of the artificial implant in the damaged area. 

The robotic arm provides state-of-the-art mapping, 3D imaging of the knee, and navigation with sensors and cameras to plan the surgery and ensure the placement of the implants. 

Customisable Treatments 

Robotic knee replacement treatments can be customised for the best possible outcomes and alignment of the artificial implants. The surgeons come up with tailored treatment plans based on your needs, anatomy, and pathology for the newly replaced joint to fit perfectly for each patient.  

You can visit us at Sunshine Bone & Joint Institute for a tailored robot-assisted knee replacement surgery. Our experienced orthopaedic surgeons, advanced technology and equipment, and comprehensive care can improve your ability to move and get back on your feet. 

Favorable Outcomes and Patient Satisfaction 

The outcomes of robotic knee replacement surgeries are favourable with quick recovery times, reduced pain, infection, risk, and so on. It also offers a high level of satisfaction for patients with results that last for a longer time and help them move better without much pain and discomfort. 

The treatment is done based on your needs, anatomy, and pathology for the perfect alignment and fitting of the joint components, which leads to the overall satisfaction of patients. 

The replacement of the damaged knee with implants can improve the patient’s ability to move, alleviate pain, and enhance the quality of life. It contributes to increased stability and flexibility to perform daily activities.

The Challenges of Robotic Knee Replacement

Despite the numerous benefits offered by Robotic knee replacement Surgery, there are a few challenges that surround this procedure. 

The following are the challenges of robotic knee replacement — 

The Learning Curve 

One of the challenges involved is the initial learning curve for surgeons. The introduction of robotic knee replacements requires them to master the use of the equipment and other aspects involved. There is an initial learning curve for surgeons with additional training and education. 

The Access to Advanced Technology

Robotic knee replacement requires advanced technology and equipment for the success of the surgery. This is still a challenge, as access to robotic technology and equipment is not as widespread. Not every clinic will have the money and access to bring the technology required. 

The Cost of the Surgery

The cost involved in performing knee replacement surgeries with robot technology is expensive for many people. It is much more costly than the traditional surgical methods due to the level of technology and equipment used. 


The robot-assisted knee replacement treatment offers numerous benefits from the surgeons’ perspective. It is a safe and successful procedure that offers improved precision and accuracy for better outcomes. 

There are a few challenges involved — the learning curve for surgeons, the cost of treatment, access to advanced technology, etc. The benefits towards embracing robot-assisted procedures far outweigh the hassles. Some of these benefits include minimally invasive procedures, higher success rates, quicker recovery time and lesser blood loss, among others. Top-level surgeons across the globe opine that these robot-assisted procedures are the future of Orthopaedics!

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