South Indian Arthroplasty Academy (SIAA)

The SOUTH INDIAN ARTHROPLASTY ACADEMY (SIAA) is an organisation formed in 2014 wherein 4 of the most renowned institutes in South India had joined forces to promote teaching, training and overall excellence in the ever evolving field of arthroplasty. The 5 founding members are all senior surgeons of the orthopaedic fraternity:

  • Dr. Gurava Reddy – Sunshine Bone & Joint Institute, Hyderabad
  • Dr. Rajasekaran – Ganga Hospital, Coimbatore
  • Dr. Sharan Patil – SPARSH Hospital, Bangalore
  • Dr. Vijay Bose – AJRI, Chennai
  • Dr. Suryanarayan – AJRI, Chennai

The idea for the academy was born when the founders realised the potential benefit of combining their respective large volumes of surgeries and cases to create a robust and significant pool of data using which numerous possibilities could be explored in terms of research, academics and surgical and clinical advances.

The organisation, in essence, has formulated a Multicentre Study Protocol as a Forum / Consortium.

The objectives of the organisation are:

  • To evolve best practises through standardising clinical practice and protocols
  • To engage in Research and Development in Clinical Sciences and Materials related to Arthroplasty
  • To conduct Meetings and Conferences
  • To encourage and publish scientific works and to gain leadership through peer respect worldwide
  • To conduct wholesome Fellowship Programs to train more and more surgeons in the field of Arthroplasty

The 4 institutes interact at least once a month through well-structured videoconferencing meetings and discuss the progress made in data collection and various research projects being undertaken.

They also discuss special cases and choose an academic topic for discussion every meeting.

Guest speakers from all over the world have also taken part in these meetings.

The meetings are attended by all 5 founder members along with their respective arthroplasty teams and students.

The academy conducts a thorough 2-year rotating, paid fellowship program with candidates spending 6 months at each of the 4 institutes. This way the candidates get to learn from the best in arthroplasty as well as get the opportunity to be exposed to the varying protocols and perspectives of these teachers. The candidates are chosen after a rigorous selection process and interview conducted by a joint committee.

SIAA now plans to hold an annual conference for propagating the teachings and findings of their research and data and the general dissemination of knowledge in the field of arthroplasty and the SIAA P4 Arthroplasty Conference is the inaugural chapter in this endeavour.