15 Reasons why you should choose SBJI for
all your bone joint related problems

Thirty superspecialists under one roof, therefore, cross consultations and second opinions will help patients receive the best treatment.
There is a superspecialist for every joint in the body (shoulder, upper limb, hip, knee, foot, ankle, spine, etc.), allowing for focused and up-to-date treatment options.
Pre-operative and post-operative care provided by qualified orthopaedic surgeons (MS Ortho) rather than MBBS doctors, ensuring they are well-trained to diagnose and treat any complications.
There are fourteen laminar flow operating rooms equipped with the 05 latest equipment. All support services, including MRI scan, CT scan, dialysis unit, Cath lab, and Interventional Radiology are available in-house 24x7 to handle any post-operative complications on an emergency basis.
Four 4th generation robots contribute to the precision and safety of robotic joint replacement surgeries.
Neuronavigation and microscopes contribute to the safety of spine surgeries.
A team of 30 anaesthesiologists with expertise in peripheral nerve blocks and pain control are available.
We have a dedicated orthogeriatric unit that treats 90-year-old patients with excellent outcomes.
We manage polytrauma cases (involving fractures of multiple bones and damage to other systems like lungs, liver, etc.) with a dedicated team comprising trauma surgeons, intensivists, cardiologists and neurosurgeons.
Specialists in cardiology, internal medicine, intensive care, orthopaedic surgery, radiology, and anaesthesiology are available in-house 24x7.
A team of 40 physiotherapists are available to assist with post-operative rehabilitation.
Hospital rooms are available for physiotherapy services for up to one month, provided on a special subsidised package for post-operative rehab.
Patient care managers and dieticians are available to assist with any specific dietary requirements.
We are actively engaged in orthopaedic research, with publications in renowned journals. This ensures that we stay current with the latest developments in the field.
We are big enough to serve - Small enough to listen!