Advantages and Disadvantages of Robotic Knee Replacement

Robotic knee replacement surgery is a transformative procedure for those who are suffering from severe mobility issues and knee pain, often due to arthritis or any injury. As of today, robotic knee replacement surgery has emerged as a cutting-edge alternative to traditional and painful manual knee replacement surgeries. 

This modernised orthopaedic brilliance seeks to offer a precise surgery and bone implant with very little or no complications and quicker recovery times. Surgeons can even customise this surgery based on your anatomy. In this article, we will take a look at the different advantages and disadvantages of Robotic Knee Replacement.

Advantages of Robotic Knee Replacement

Some of the primary advantages of Robotic Knee Replacement are as follows:

Enhanced precision and accuracy

One of the most prominent advantages of robotic Knee replacement is its enhanced precision. Robotic knee replacement Surgery offers surgeons real-time 3D imaging, thereby allowing for better alignment of the knee implant and far more accurate bone cuts.

This immense precision leads to a more natural knee movement after surgery and decreases the vulnerability of an implant misalignment, which in reality is very crucial to ensure the longevity of the knee prosthesis. 

Reduced risks of complications

The precision of robot-assisted knee surgery and replacement further reduces the risk of future complications. These complications are usually associated with traditional knee replacement procedures. 

With minimal damage to the surrounding tissues and accurate placement of the knee implant, the best robotic knee replacement surgeon ensures that the robot-induced approach results in fewer complications such as blood loss, infection, and postoperative pain.

Quick recovery and less pain

Patients who undergo robotic knee replacement surgery usually experience quicker recovery times. This particular type of orthopaedic surgery is of a minimally invasive nature, which when paired with precise cuts ensures that patients can begin their rehabilitation sooner and experience very little postoperative pain as compared to the traditional knee replacement methods.

This quick recovery also enables the patients to return to their daily activities much faster. 

Customised surgery

Robotic surgery enables surgeons to offer a higher level of customisation in knee replacement procedures. This is a modernised technology that considers the unique anatomy of every patient, thereby allowing for tailored surgeries that cater to individual needs and conditions.

This customisation can also significantly enhance the functioning and feel of the prosthetic knee. 

Now, if all these advantages have convinced you to choose modern robotic knee replacement surgery over traditional and painful methods, this is the best time for you to book an appointment at Sunshine Bone and Joint Institute in Hyderabad. We are one of the most prestigious and coveted institutes in India for orthopaedic surgeries, including robotic knee replacement. We are proud to boast the fact this fellowship program has been formulated under the guidance of Sr. Joint Replacement Surgeons having done over 20,000 orthopaedic surgeries- Dr Hemang Ambani, Dr Ateet Sharma, Dr Chirag Patel, and Dr Amir Sanghavi.

Disadvantages of Robotic Knee Replacement

Some of the disadvantages of Robotic Knee Replacement are as follows:

Higher cost 

A procedure that seeks to be so accurate and painless and offers quicker recovery when compared to the traditional methods, it is quite obvious that robotic knee replacement is definitely quite expensive.

The cost involves the advanced technology, training, and maintenance of every robotic system. However, the long-term benefits, such as reduced revision surgery rates, can easily offset these initial costs.


The availability of robotic knee replacement surgery can be quite restricted, especially in the not-so-developed areas. The factors depending on which the availability varies include geographical locations and capabilities of different facilities and hospitals. Not every hospital in India is equipped with robotic surgery technology, and this may reduce access for some patients.

However, if you’re in Hyderabad, you can easily book an appointment with the best robotic knee replacement surgeon in Hyderabad and get yours done as soon as possible to enjoy long-term benefits.

Learning curve

The learning curve associated with robotic knee replacement surgeries can prove to be quite significant. All the surgeons are required to undergo specific training sessions to be able to effectively operate the sophisticated equipment. 

Although this is a disadvantage initially, with more and more surgeons becoming adept at this particular orthopaedic surgery over time, this challenge is expected to subside gradually.

Who is not a candidate for robotic knee replacement?

Certain bone and joint deformities can prohibit an individual from opting for a robotic knee replacement. This can seek to include health conditions like rheumatoid arthritis, advanced osteoporosis, and knock knees or bow legs among other things.

How long is the recovery time from a robotic knee replacement?

After a brief stay in the hospital, patients are typically required to undergo one to three months of physical therapy to return to their normal functioning with pain-free walking.

What is the success rate of robotic knee replacement surgery?

On average, the success rate of robotic knee replacement surgery is about 95%. With robotic knee replacement surgery, there’s a significantly reduced rate of complications. Compared to the 2.65% of complications noted in traditional knee replacement surgeries, with robotic knee replacement surgeries, the complication rate is a mere 1.5%.

What is the cost of a robotic knee replacement surgery in India? 

The cost of total robotic knee replacement surgery in India can vary from 1,50,000 INR to about 2,60,000 INR or even more. To get a more specific idea of the cost of this procedure, it is advised that you contact the best robotic knee replacement surgeon in Hyderabad, if you’re residing in this city.

Final Words 

Robotic knee replacement seeks to present a promising advancement in the realm of orthopaedic surgery. It offers a multitude of benefits over traditional methods, especially when it comes to precision, customisation, and recovery time. However, even such a modern method can come with disadvantages like high cost, availability, and learning curve.

For those willing to consider this procedure, then consulting with the best robotic knee replacement surgeon is going to be your best bet. With the advancement of technology, this less accessible procedure is expected to be more widespread, thereby providing relief and enhanced quality of life for every patient suffering from severe knee conditions.

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